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Potted History of RAFYC Cups and Trophies

Collated by Ron Moody in 1998

Name & Donor

Date Acquired


Nichol Cup
Founder Commodore


For handicap racing, members boats over 4 tons. In list of cups missing 1951; insurance paid, then found & repaid. Has been used for Bembridge & Yarmouth races.
Note: Missing from Club in 2008

Hooper Cup
Founder Vice Com


For Cruise Logs, and single-handed race.
Note: Missing from Club in 2008

Studd Cup
Founder Rear Com


For Seamanship; lost 1950, then returned by Lloyds, Woking. Used for single handed race

Drew Cup


For handicap racing, members boats under 4 tons.
Note: Missing from Club in 2008

Sassoon Cup
Sir Phillip Sassoon
(sometime Air Minister)


Previously known as Gosport Cup, used for Round the Island race for boats over 2 1/2 tons

Naini-Tal Cup


'Liberated' when Britain left India from the world's highest altitude club. Presented by the last holder in India, G M Hopkins. Used for Open race, Poole- Christchurch Ledge, and later for Solent Points Championship

Sunderland Cup


Ocean Racing Cup by Short Bros, & Harland

BO'S'N's Cup
Wg Cdr. AS Johnston


For skill in rope work and seamanship competition. Later allocated for cruise log and then club races

Egypt Cup

circa 1956

No certain information, but it was "won" when some RAF unit left Egypt. Used for club races and 1956 for Fireflies

Rhodesia Cup


Found by Gp. Cpt. Corkery in trophy store for stations that had closed down. Had been with RAF training Squadron, Rhodesia. Allocated to Lady Helmsman race

Admiral's Cup


Presented by A.M Sir F Bowhill for points system in club races.

Mackworth Bowl


Philip Mackworth memorial trophy, presented by his widow and Flt. Lt RAA Mackworth. Awarded for outstanding event, and or leading member's yacht in RORC points comp

Oscarina Trophy


In memory of Flt. Lt Cadwallader, who was drowned in the Thames estuary. Presented by his fiancee, Joyce Hunt, who will give an ashtray to winners if reminded. Annual race for cruising yachts, which was intended for longer events than usual club runs.

Fulljames Cup
Gp. Capt. Fulljames


Allocated to club races and latterly Lady helmsman race.

Calshot Trophy


Flagstaff model originally belonged to RAFYC & left in the mess when we moved to Hamble. Returned to the club when RAF Calshot closed down. Used for club races.

Cumbrae Cup
C A S Parker


Allocated to club races and single handed race.

Trophies no longer in the Clubs' possession

D'Aeth Cup, Callaway Cup, Hughes Trophy, Brady Interstation Challenge Cup

All disappeared during WWII, insurance claimed

Coningham Cup

Given to Association of Service Yacht Clubs

Corrigan Cup

Given to Minima Yacht Club on the Thames

RAFYC Channel
Challenge Trophy

Given to RORC in 1961

Warneford Trophy
(silver bomb model)

Lent by Grp. Capt. Corkery 1960-73


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